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Ballina Beach House

This dynamic concept was formulated as a response to the design challenges presented by a restrictive corner site that had little suitability to a conventional layout. The result takes full advantage of the Northerly aspect and creates keen visual interest on all frontages. All living areas have Winter solar access to some extent, including all bedrooms, keeping spaces warm in Winter and bright. The 3 living areas are well zoned from eachother for effective noise suppression and utilisation by children and parents. Raked ceilings and high windows to the main living areas allow Winter sun into all key areas of the home, including the kitchen. The home is passively cooled by clerestory windows and well placed windows and doors for cross ventilation.

A rich blackbutt timber palette is contrasted with white doors, windows and trim detailing. White timber sun shades over South and West facing windows provide good protection from rain and sun, while bringing a subtle touch of antique styling to the otherwise modern home. Galvanised downpipes and guttering are paired with matching wall sconce lighting, infusing the exterior with an industrial cottage vibe. A 1.8m stone wall provides security and a solid natural aesthetic.

↑ The facade of the Beach House presents a wide expanse of blackbutt timber cladding, discreet matching garage and welcoming entry.
↑ The Western facade is heavily vegetated for sun protection, privacy and natural aesthetic qualities. The stone wall provides good security and a counterpoint to the lightweight house structure
↑ An integrated pool sits comfortably in the North facing open space
↑ Private courtyard arrangement with decking, pool, bedrooms and living areas seamlessly connecting
↑ Utility courtyard on the street corner side of the site and hidden from view by a 1.8m natural stone wall
↑ A large North facing roof area provides a great opportunity for a solar panel array.
↑ Built-in shelving in the lounge provides an excellent way to display and store books and decor.
↑ Note the high windows which allow North sun deep into the home. Timber screening (right) further increases privacy and Summer sun control
↑ Kitchen and laundry windows combined neatly with a single window shade to unify the facade
↑ Private lounge space with North facing clerestory windows (see Winter sun on wall) and discreet outdoor access for year round livability
↑ Secluded rumpus room for kids to make noise without affecting other areas of the home. 3 bedrooms and a bathroom all link to this space
↑ Bedrooms feature a built-in robe and desk arrangement
↑ Modern and vintage kitchen design styles - Essastone 'chalkstone' countertops, encaustic cement tile splashback, blackbutt trimmed rangehood and rattan pendant lights
↑ North facing living areas with view to private outdoor spaces. High North facing windows combined with raked ceilings allow winter sun into South facing rooms
↑ Open, North facing alfresco dining and outdoor lounge space to catch cool Summer breezes and warm Winter sun
↑ Master bedroom with a view to outdoor area, good winter solar access and separation from children's bedrooms
↑ Lofty ceilings provide a multiplication of the perceived space
↑ Spacious bathroom design with wet areas enclosed by frameless glass
↑ Blackbutt timber vanity holds true to a cladded exterior of the same species
↑ Wet room style bath and shower design to maximise space efficiency and infuse a minimalist aesthetic
↑ The timber decked porch terrace provides an appealing and welcoming street frontage